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This website is intended to be predominantly satirical. The individuals pictured may or may not have actually said what is indicated in any accompanying captions. It is not claimed that the contents of this website originates from the Conservative Party, nor of the individuals depicted in any of the posters.

The administrator will remove any images immediately if informed categorically that they are not within UK law.

No copyright is reserved by All copyright remains with the respective copyright holders.



  1. You may be infringing Tory Trademark but a big disclaimer that all signs don’t originate from tories and are here only for comedy’ at top should resolve that.

    Copyright in the pictures maybe however problematic, as they remain with owner and thanks to Labour stupor, satire is not protected as a defence and is not even considered in the Bill!

  2. Doesn’t matter, the Tories won’t complain anyhow. If they did then imagine the “Lack of sense humour” headlines.

  3. Will the new bill really be able to stop stuff like this ??
    I hope not!!!!

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